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Bradley is a new father, an experienced business attorney, skilled in construction trades, and an enthusiast for spending as much time outdoors as possible.  When he’s not protecting the data and legal interests of Abraxas as the Data Privacy Officer, Bradley dedicates himself to teaching business law, business ethics, and business management skills to students at the The University of Texas, including students in the nation’s #1 Masters of Accounting Program.  Bradley also has a 20+ year history as an entrepreneur running companies ranging from fashion design to financial services, and has won Loyola University’s Family Business of the Year Award.  Bradley was a 2018 finalist for the Austin Chamber of Commerce’s Changemaker Award, and has made press appearances in the following: KXAN (NBC Austin), Daily Texan print and podcasts, Black Enterprise Magazine, Austin Business Journal, GE Economics, and French Morning Today.  As a steward of professional compliance regulations, Bradley focuses upon GDPR, PCI DSS, AML, GLB, Privacy Shield, cGMP, and private compliance structures such as ISO.


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Joshua Lawton is the COO and Co-Founder of Abraxas Technology


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