On to Round 2!

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We are very excited to announce that Abraxas Technology is moving on to Round 2 of judging for MassChallenge Texas! We are fully aware how stiff the competition was in Round 1, and are honored to have been selected to go to the next round.

It’s not just Out of Home marketing that is feeling the shifting winds of the 21st century that are moving it closer and closer to the digital age driven by data, but also digital marketing that is being driven closer and closer to marketing in the physical world. Abraxas Technology bridges this divide for both markets with our patent pending product that knows if an individual passed by a piece of physical media, how many times they passed, how long they were in front of it, and then if they ended up going to the advertiser’s store or to their website.

We are proud to be leading this change in how advertisers interact with consumers in the Out of Home industry and throughout the physical world.


Joshua Lawton is the Co-Founder and COO of Abraxas Technology. 


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