Help Austin Catch the Bomber

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As combat veterans who swore an oath to protect our community, neither Justin nor I could stand idly by and do nothing while our community is plagued by bombs and trip wires. While any search for a bomber is akin to a needle in the haystack, we believe that our technology can assist law enforcement with collecting information that can be used to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators of these heinous acts of terrorism against Austinites. With your help we can deploy our devices around Austin. Even though we pray that another attack will not occur, if it does, and if one of our devices is in the vicinity, we will be able to provide information for law enforcement to use to clear away some of the hay and make the needle easier to find.

We are deploying our devices and services for free until the bomber is caught. All we need is a regular power outlet that we can connect our device into. The device is unobtrusive and is the size of an iPhone. If you would like for us to put a device in your home or in your retail location, please contact us. You can send us a tweet at Abraxas_Tech or you can email Justin and I at our emails below.

We know that there are no silver bullets, but we can’t stand idly by and do nothing while our community is under attack.

*March 21, 2018 Note: With the danger having passed and the bomber having killed himself, all of Austin can breathe a sigh of relief. We will be reaching out to everyone who had a device deployed in their homes and businesses to thank them, and also contacting everyone who asked us for a device that we did not yet get a device to.

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