6 Steps to Improve Your Supply Chain and Deliver Value to OOH Owners

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This isn’t just a countdown for when the Chicago Auto Show starts, it’s also a countdown for when Abraxas Technology will be tracking everybody who sees our partners’ advertisements and then went to their dealerships. It’s hard to believe that it’s only February 9th because we received the ask to get devices up to them on February 2nd, so that they could be set up today.

This isn’t just a pat on the back for us type article, but rather it highlights one of the key parts of most companies’ businesses that are the last to be put on a firm footing: supply chain. While most people view the supply chain as only something that companies that produce physical products must take into account, the supply chain is in fact integral to businesses that deliver software and consulting services, because regardless of the company the supply chain is the backbone of a company’s ability to scale.

So what are some of the ways by which a business that supplies products and services to OOH providers can put their supply chain on a firm footing?

– Define the priority for your supply chain. (This is similar to Peter Thiel’s “One Thing” concept). Your supply chain is there to do one thing phenomenally well. That one thing follows the 80/20 rule.

– Create accountability. A supply chain that works requires accountability. From sourcing your product to outsourcing your labor, to your startup team, accountability to deliver an ethical and superior product is necessary.

– Your customer isn’t only at the end of your supply chain. Contrary to what people are taught, your customer isn’t only at the end of your supply chain. Your customers are at multiple points within your supply chain. Since customers equate to demand, and demand is directly correlated throughout the entirety of your supply chain, you need to understand how the demand flows through your supply chain and who your customers are throughout the supply chain.

– Always have the ability to meet a certain number of orders (or customer requests in SW) without needing to rely on an external source to deliver. Keep packaging on hand. Have your inventory strategically placed as you grow (when you are just beginning this means in your office) (in SW think of this as how you automate customer builds, stand up instances, etc).

– Lean doesn’t necessarily mean less costly. There are three main factors to every supply chain: ability to produce the product, quality of product delivered, and ability to deliver the product (normally referred to as velocity, throughput, and variation).

– Lastly sometimes when you are unable to meet the customer’s ask, do your best to deliver what your customer actually wants.


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